Uniform Sizing and Form Turn in
Dates and times will be setup
at Olympia Park for uniform sizing and form turn in.  Prior to these dates forms will be emailed to all accepted athletes.  We will need at least one parent and the athlete to attend.  During this time uniform sizing will occur and forms are to be turned in.  Additionally, a deposit of $200, payable by cash or check, will be necessary to secure your athletes spot.  At that meeting we will also collect the Uniform Fee of $195, payable by cash or check.  

Form Turn in and Deposit Checklist

  • Completed forms
  • $200 deposit for Club Fees
  • $195 for Uniform Fees (returning players will only have a fee on new jersey and replacement items)

tryout information

Parent Meeting 
There will be a parent meeting during the last 15 minutes of each of the scheduled tryout blocks.  At this meeting we will discuss the season,  expectations, and answer questions. 

Understanding acceptance to a team
After tryouts are complete the coaches will send an email to all participants identifying the assigned number of the athletes that made the team.  The email will also identify the next steps in the athlete committing to the team.  Emails will be sent on the evening of the Tryout date. 

What to expect at Tryouts

Athletes should be prepared for tryouts to last approximately 2 hours.  Each athlete will be assigned a number at their tryout.  The athletes will work through individual serving, passing, hitting and setting drills.  They will also work and be evaluated through team play.  


Parents are responsible for making sure that their athlete is checked in, paperwork is completed and tryout fees are paid.  The tryout facility does not have a viewing area. Parents can drop-off their children or decide to wait in the parks general meeting room during the tryout. 

Upon acceptance to the team you must return to the USAV site where you registered and select ‘Northside Out Chicago VBC’ as your affiliated team.

See our full Tryout Flyer

Tryouts for the 2018-2019 season will be held at Olympia Park,  

6566 N. Avondale in Chicago.  Tryouts will last approximately 2 hours. 

Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes to ensure that all forms

are filled out and the athlete is registered.  Please be dressed

to play with appropriate gym shoes and kneepads.                                     Either Register online or Walk-in for Tryouts
                                                                                                                     Link to Information about Club Season and Club Fees
Tryout Fee is $25 payable by cash or check on the day of tryouts.  (Checks should be payable to Northside Out Chicago VBC.)

All athletes must be a current member of USAV Volleyball to tryout for any club volleyball team.

  • Previous athletes memberships are valid through 10/31/18.  Previous athletes will not need to register at USAV for tryouts.
  • New athletes to USAV Volleyball can register for a Tryout Membership - $10.  This membership is limited to club tryouts only.  Players can then upgrade to a full membership when committed to a team. Please visit http://www.greatlakesvolleyball.org  -> ‘Registration Information’ to register and for more details.